JBG Services wins the Southport Oak Island Chamber of Commerce Winter 2022 Golden Pineapple Award

JBG Services recently won it’s second consecutive Golden Pineapple Award from the Southport Oak Island Chamber of Commerce.  Golden Pineapple Awards are given quarterly to those businesses nominated by their customers for providing consistent and exceptional customer service.

Below are a couple of reviews supplied for the award:

Hire JBG! You won’t regret it! Here is a list of 10 reasons why.

  1. Jeremy is genuinely good person that you will enjoy talking to and having in your house. A pleasure to work with.
  2. He and his crew will show up at the exact time every morning. No surprises or waiting around.
  3. His first steps in a painting job are to tape paper down to protect your floor, and to go around and patch any holes or imperfections in the wall to give you a clean slate. This is above and beyond in my opinion.
  4. He promises a job well done and really does care that your paint job looks good! He will tell you this when you meet him, and you can believe him.
  5. His work looks great! Clean lines and corners, straight cut ins, perfect tape lines. No roller marks. No stray paint on the ceiling. Trim and doors too. No trim paint on my floor after painting all the trim.
  6. Every day when he and his crew leave, they clean up after themselves first!
  7. He will be there every step of the way to ensure the project is going smoothly.
  8. He is readily available by text message!! I hate phone calls so this is a huge plus!
  9. He was kind to my dog and my children, giving all of them attention while in my home. He wasn’t bothered by our chaos at all and was so sweet to my inquisitive 4 year old son. He even let my dog out for me a few times!
  10. Fair pricing for high quality work!

Overall, I’d give Jeremy 5 stars because he was very affordable, he helped me select my paint colors, my house looks amazing, the paint they used was high quality, I enjoyed having Jeremy around for two weeks in my home, they cleaned up after themselves every day, did a thorough clean when the project was wrapped up, and I’m very happy with the end result.

JBG is the company to call for all of your painting needs. Jeremy and his team are experts when it comes to painting and drywall repair. He also has a great eye for color. JBG is prompt, a professional and provides a quality service. Clean up is accomplished daily. He is a great communicator which is a great asset. I highly recommend this company and will use them in the future. This business is an asset to our community. Very customer oriented.